Musica Electronica Nova
8:00 PM
NFM, Black Hall

Cezary Duchnowski cROSSFAdE 4  for trombone, trumpet and electronics (2023) *
Paweł Hendrich
Dualabilis III  for trombone and computer (2022/2023) *
Mateusz Ryczek
Alchemia dźwięku for trumpet and electronics (2019)
Michał Janocha
Chamber Music V  for trombone, trumpet and electronics (2022/2023) *  
Rafał Zapała
Hybryda for trumpet and electronics (2023) *
Katarzyna Taborowska
Frottage for trombone and electronics (2023) *

* premieres

Concert of the Wrocław and Poznań Divisions of Polish Composers Union 



Piotr Nowak – trumpet
Wojciech Jeliński – trombone  
Cezary Duchnowski, Paweł Hendrich, Mateusz Ryczek, Michał Janocha, Rafał Zapała, Katarzyna Taborowska – electronics

60 min
NFM, Black Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław
from 20 to 30 zł

A fixture of the Musica Electronica Nova festival programme are the concerts of the Polish Composers’ Union (PCU) Wrocław Division, during which you can hear premiere works by both beginners and more experienced composers from Wrocław. This time, the programme also features composers from Poznań.

As in previous years, this year’s PCU concert will focus on a shared instrumental line-up. The sounds of the trombone, trumpet and electronics will fill the space of the NFM Black Hall, albeit in different, intriguing versions. The concert will begin with the CROSSFAdE 4 by Cezary Duchnowski and the Dualabilis III by Paweł Hendrich – Wrocław-based composers, also working together as part of Phonos ek Mechanes, i.e. a band that creates music using traditional instruments and subjecting their sound to radical digital processing. “My music doesn’t require much commentary. The listener can enjoy it without going into technical details. I like to imagine composing as alchemy, I add algorithms, various mathematical acoustic ideas and wait for the effects of this mix,” says Mateusz Ryczek, whose Alchemy of Sound will enrich the repertoire of the concert.

Katarzyna Taborowska is interested in electroacoustic and electronic music, searching for new sounds and expanding the possibilities of acoustic instruments with electronics, which can be seen in her Frottage for trombone and electronics. Rafał Zapała, composer, improviser, and sound artist, uses a similar technique in the Hybrid, combining the sound of trumpet and electronics. Electronics plays an important role Michał Janocha’s work, and his Chamber Music V for trombone, trumpet and electronics will be premiered this evening.



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